Monday, September 26, 2011

Let's talk about: Hair

It's probably the part of the body that get's the most attention and most time spent on making it look good. But in the end do we even like our hair? There's not a day that goes by where you don't hear someone or even yourself complaining about how bad their hair looks or how much they hate it. Why do so many people hate their hair? I think it's safe to say that many people wish their hair was healthy.

You can usually tell that someone has healthy hair just by looking at it. The hair has a shine about it, feels perfectly soft to the touch, and doesn't tangle when you brush it. I'm sad to say that not everyone has hair like this, and it's probably because they don't treat their hair the way it should be treated.

I'll tell you right now that I've never had a perm or have dyed my hair, but I do know what it feels like to have not so healthy locks. Some people may think that only hair that has been chemically treated is unhealthy. That is absolutely wrong. Anyone can have unhealthy hair whether they've dyed it or not. A lot of people are using products that damage their hair. Maybe some of you have heard of sulfates being dangerous for you hair and your health. If you haven't, you need the research and read up about the dangers of harsh sulfates. There are so many other dangerous chemicals in the shampoo we use, so many that after reading about them I decided to stop using shampoo all together. Some of you may say that I'm crazy for not using shampoo and that I must feel dirty all the time. But believe me, my hair has never felt better, and just because I don't use shampoo doesn't mean I don't use other things to clean my hair. And that's precisely why I created this blog. To help you to know the natural ways to clean you hair. In future blog post I'm going to show you all the things I've tried for my hair, what worked and what didn't. So get ready to throw out those expensive shampoos that aren't really doing anything for your hair, and get ready to have beautiful hair that everyone (including yourself) is going to love!

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