Sunday, April 21, 2013

Tropical Traditions: Natural foods, handmade soap, fair trade chocolate, and many more healthy options.

Sorry for the ridiculously long title, but I assure you it was necessary. I have been buying products for Tropical Traditions for over six months now. Their gold label coconut oil is divine! I have also tried their Coconut soap. It has worked wonders for my hair, (It lathers really well!) The best part, there are no chemicals, fragrances, or sulfates. Their Chocolate is Delicious, you can eat it up and even bake with it. They have a good selection of flavors. This website has everything for someone who has decided to eat better and live without the junk we put into our bodies. We shouldn't obsess over ourselves, but we should take care of the body that God gave us. We can start by eating better and using natural products. I would recommend this website to anyone who's ready for a change (and loves dark Chocolate.)

This will be my last post, but I am passing the torch to my sister who is just getting into blogging. She has been eating right and using natural products for about as long as I have. Hopefully she'll be much better at keeping up with posting.
  Well, thanks to everyone who has taken an interest in this blog. I hope that you have at least learned something that has helped you.

Many blessing and prayers!

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